Aldo Salucci, born in Rome, lives and works in Milan.
After specialistic studies in Pharmacy he undertakes the artistic activity. The early pictorial experiments soon replaced an exclusive interest in photography. The following one, entitled Dystopia, still in progress, focuses instead on the relationship between the preservation of beauty and the often destructive action of man. Famous monuments appear so submerged by the waters, generating apocalyptic visions but not without the hope of a rebirth.
Faculty of Pharmacy, Università degli studi di Perugia
Solo show
2019 MIA Photo Fair, Milan, Italy
2018 Distopia, Galleria Statuto 13, Milan, Italy
2018 Underworld, The Iranian Artist Forum, Tehran, Iran
2017 Mud, Galleria Statuto 13, Milan, Italy
2016 Room mate, Hotel Giulia, Milan, Italy
2016 Aquaticus, Galleria Statuto 13, Milan, Italy